Thursday, February 10, 2022

Review: The Fabric Over the Moon by Ferran Plana

 Genre: Short Story Collection


“Stories come alive at night.

They are whispered around dying campfires, by quiet bedsides, under deformed old trees.

They might get interrupted by the howling wind, inaudible gasps, or nervous comments, only to be continued fervently once the dust settles again.

Why did the girl visit the eerie village? What did the gypsy’s words mean? Can the discovery of a new flower change the world?

Stories are supposed to end but they never do.

They leave you wondering and longing for more. They live on in your mind, in corners with cobwebs and memories you’ve been suppressing, in recurring daydreams you have while waiting in long lines. They fester and thrive there. They spiral and soar. You wish they would die but they cannot anymore.

Once you blow breath into a story, it instantly becomes yours...”


“Ferran Plana was born in 1988, at present settled in Barcelona. He began his writing passion after a long period of improvising bedtime stories for his wife before sleeping. When he is not writing, you might find him building a sand castle on the beach, observing birds with his binoculars, playing cello or trombone, or in the hospital working as a doctor. The Fabric Over The Moon is his first published short story and flash fiction collection.”

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A wide range of 28 short stories of various genres and lengths. I found most of them drew me in with the characters and situations that were mostly much different from those I typically see in my reading. Something else the stories all have in common is what some might describe as a cliff hanger. The stories tend to come to some kind of a reasonable resolution, however that resolution leaves the reader wondering, but doing so in such a way that you naturally start filling in the gaps or imagining what happens next on your own. Reading the author’s blurb for this collection with talk of stories that are supposed to end, but never do, and of making a story your own suddenly makes a lot more sense when you’ve read a few of the stories. I found this to be a clever approach that didn’t make me feel like I’d been left hanging at all, even though in a way I was.

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Some adult language.

Format/Typo Issues:

No significant issues.

Rating: **** Four Stars

Reviewed by: BigAl

Approximate word count: 45-40,000 words

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