Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Review: Can You Do What A Cat Can Do? By Jill Wright


Genre: Children’s Picture Book


“Can your child do what a cat can do? Read this fun and engaging rhyming book together with your child and watch them read/listen, think, ask, then get up and move around so they can try all the different things a cat can do. It's simple! It's fun!

What's inside? An easy to read description of what a cat does every day is followed by a question you can ask your child about each activity. Each text page is accompanied by a corresponding full color image.

Aimed at having your young child (among other things):

Listen and engage

Think and respond

Act and speak

Learn and reason”


“Jill Wright is the mother of 3 boys. She has been an avid crafter all her life, having learned to knit and crochet at a very early age.

Jill is a published knit and crochet designer and has written 2 crafting books: Take The Fear Out Of Cables (knit), and Victoriana (crochet shawls). More recently she discovered she had a yearning to write books for children.

Jill also builds websites, knits, crochets, and sews recycled items for sale, and probably won't ever stop being a Jazzercise Instructor!”


Can You Do What A Cat Can Do?, is an engaging and interactive story where your child can show off some skills or shake their head ‘no’ to proclaim they would NEVER do THAT! The pictures are adorable enough to draw any child into the book. There is really no story, only situations, actions, and questions.

The only problem I have with this book are proofing misses. The first page introduction has a wrongly spelled two letter word. Check the ‘Look Inside’ feature on the Amazon product page. That is a really bad start, especially for a print version of the book. Kindle files can be corrected easily enough.

I tried to read this book on my Kindle Paperwhite first. Trust me when I say that is not the way to go. It can be done, but the gray tones don’t do the book justice. I ended up using the Kindle app on my computer.

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I recommend using a full color screen for you and your child’s reading pleasure. There is also a Spanish version.

Format/Typo Issues:

As I mentioned in my review there are a few proofing misses.

Rating: **** Four Stars

Reviewed by: ?wazithinkin

Approximate word count: 27 pages

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