Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fixing Cupid / Cristian YoungMiller

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Genre: Romantic Comedy/Fantasy

Approximate word count: Words: 50-55,000 words

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Cristian YoungMiller was born in the Bahamas and now lives in Los Angeles. He received his degree in Psychology from Beloit College and has worked as a writer, editor and producer for Disney, Vivendi Universal Games, and other companies. He has published multiple books on topics ranging for sexual advice to spirituality. His latest works are novels for those that like to laugh and be scared. Find out more about this author on his website.


Ben Bonner is an uptight, conservative lawyer who has everything except for love. Urban legend has it that whoever lives with Jack will immediately find their soul mate and live happily ever after. However, this match comes with a catch, because Jack is also a middle-aged party animal.

After the breakup with his last girl friend, Ben has the opportunity to move in with Jack. After one night with this ‘urban legend’ Ben breaks him. That’s right, he breaks Cupid. Now no one will ever fall in love again unless Ben can undo the damage he caused.


This is a short humorous story that had a lot of promise. Ben’s biggest problem is he has no passion; he just goes through the motions of living his life but doesn’t fully engage himself in anything but his career. The plot of the story flowed well. The problem for me was the author told us the story, instead of engaging us in the story. The characters were described well. Chip, Ben’s ex-fiancés boyfriend, was handled best of all. If the author had done as well with the rest of the characters as he did Chip, I think I would have engaged with the story more. There was something the author got right with the way Chip interacted with Ben that was missing with the rest of the characters. There were a few wrong word usages that occasionally threw me out of the story. One plot point that bothered me was Jack could bring people together without them having to live with him; all they had to do was be in physically close proximity to Jack. Bottom line, it is a clever story, that didn’t reach its full potential.


No significant issues.

Format/Typo Issues:

A small number of errors. 

Rating: *** Three stars

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