Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Travel like a foodie / Alex Sumray

Reviewed by: BigAl

Genre: Humor/Travel

Approximate word count: 15-20,000 words

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There is nothing on the author's Amazon Central page, nor an about author section of the book. However, I can tell you he is young-ish and lives in the UK.


In the summer of 2014, I embarked on a foodie adventure, with only myself for company, (I'm a great laugh, so that was fine), the map reading skills of a fly trying to escape through an open window and a quite insatiable appetite, especially for that true wonder of the world, the tiramisu.

Within, expect to find restaurant suggestions covering fourteen cities of Europe; from Paris to Prague and other cities beyond (some of which start with letters other than P). I will be revealing my top tips for avoiding touristy restaurants and will lay out my perfect week of European eating.

Part restaurant guide, part diary, expect everything to be served with a healthy dose of self-deprecation, social awkwardness and if all else fails there will be plenty of photos of food to whet your appetite!”


This book is classified on Amazon in the humor category and some food categories. The title and description imply travel fits in there as well.

The first part of the story, introducing us to the author, his history, and his reasons for taking this trip were interesting,a decent appetizer. However, the other courses seemed kind of bland. If your favorite reading material is the restaurant reviews in newspapers and magazines, this book will tantalize your taste buds. I was left wondering what the point was. The book could also use another pass by a proofreader and/or line editor. Way too many typos and other issues that should have been caught before publication snuck through.


Uses UK spelling.

Format/Typo Issues:

Too many typos and copyediting issues for a book of this size. Way too many.

Rating: *** Three Stars

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