Sunday, September 27, 2020

Review: Bitcoin: Just the Facts by Beverley Douglas


Genre: Non-Fiction


“Unless you have been subject to living underground for the last decade it would have been impossible for you to ignore the hype surrounding Bitcoin. Whether it would be your local news anchor hammering it as a scam or your neighbor trying to give your family free and fantastic investment advice, the phenomenon has swept through every major nation in the world. However, as your average citizen just trying to get on with your day you may have never truly known what the hype is all about. What exactly is Bitcoin? Why are so many people talking about it? Why should you care? Well, all of that and more will be answered in this book as we bring you Bitcoin: Just The Facts.”


No information readily available about the author, either in the book or on an author page on Amazon.


I’m torn about this book. It’s a short read, on a subject where my existing knowledge was miniscule, at best, before reading it. Now I think my knowledge is slightly greater. I know a bit more than I did and have some direction for investigating ideas and concepts in more detail, either via other books or searching the internet. At least from what little I knew and knowledge I had from other areas (stock investing, for one) where some of the same ideas and concepts apply to some degree, what the book said, while basic, seems credible.

However, the author tells us nothing, either in the book or on an Amazon author’s page as to what makes them an expert on this subject. The number of proofreading issues I spotted (typos, wrong words, etc) were enough that I’d consider it problematic in a novel of 10-20 times as many words, which gave me concerns about the author’s attention to detail. But I’ll reiterate, the information seems limited, but accurate, so if you’re interested in learning more about this subject, this might be a good start if you have no knowledge and from here you’ll get a sense as to whether you want to pursue more details and, if so, which areas interest you most.

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Format/Typo Issues:

Too many typos or wrong words and other proofing issues for such a short read.

Rating: *** Three Stars

Reviewed by: BigAl

Approximate word count: 5-6,000 words

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