Thursday, January 7, 2021

Review: Life’s Not Over Yet by Vidisha Chandna Dua


Genre: Romance/Middle Eastern culture/Women’s Lit/Novella


“Trisha moves to Chail, a beautiful hill station to escape from her past on the advice of her friend. She realises soon enough that her friend has not told her everything.

In time Dev and her, become good friends. Even though they both start caring for each other, she is not able to forget her past or share her past with him.

Trisha must decide what is more important, her past or her future. Will she give up on her dreams and resign herself to her fate or take one day at a time and start rebuilding her life again.”


“Ever since she can remember Vidisha has been a daydreamer. She loves to travel, try different cuisines, dance, listen to music and most of all she loves to read. She is also a Chartered Accountant who has worked in the Finance industry for over 11 years.

Vidisha took a break from work when her daughter was born. Her life changed when she took her daughter to her first dance class. She had an hour to spare so she started writing a story and then there was no looking back. Her first Romance Novella Life's Not Over Yet is the first in a series of books about life. With life experiences from the Middle East, Scandinavia, Australia and India, Vidisha weaves an emotional and romantic journey for her characters. She has always believed that if you really want something, the universe will come together and open doors that you never thought existed, all you have to do is listen and look carefully around you.”


Trisha is going through a mid-life crisis. Her friend sets her up with a one year lease in Chail where she has a job waiting for her. Trisha is under the impression her friend has lined her up with an apartment of her own. However, she leased a room in her friend’s brother’s house. Dev is a doctor who is going through his own stuff and doesn’t remember signing the lease because he was too drunk to remember. Both characters are strong willed but Trisha has the upper hand because she has a signed lease for one year.

Dev is an arrogant jerk for the first six months of the lease. Trisha and he have an agreement to stay out of each other’s way which seems to be working out for both of them. Anyway, after six months Dev finally realizes he has been a jerk and Trisha can now stay for the whole year’s lease. Honestly, she wasn’t even looking for another place to live.

I had a really hard time trying to like both of these characters. Dev for being an arrogant jerk and then after having dug his heels in for six months decides that is all water under the bridge so let’s be friends now. Trisha was a control freak with everyone except Dev. Their whole situation drove me nuts. I believe this is more of a personal dislike, so other readers may have a completely different experience with Life’s Not Over Yet.

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Clean & Wholesome Romance.

Format/Typo Issues:

A small number of proofing errors.

Rating: *** Three Stars

Reviewed by: ?wazithinkin

Approximate word count: 15-20,000 words

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