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A Different Kind of Forever / Dee Ernst

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Genre: Romance

Approximate word count: 70-75,000 words

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Dee Ernst started writing stories on a battered Royal typewriter when she was about ten or twelve years old. Ms. Ernst announced on her web site that the film and TV rights to her novel Better Off Without Him have recently been optioned to Robert Shaye and Michael Lynn’s production company, Unique Features. She says “right now, today, anything is possible.” She is now waiting patiently for fame and fortune somewhere in New Jersey. 

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“A Different Kind of Forever is the story about two complicated people finding – and trying to hold on – to love.”

Diane Matthews, a divorced mother of three, is a smart, successful, and independent woman who likes the direction her life is headed. Everything she has ever wanted is finally falling into place; until a chance meeting with Michael Carlucci, a hot young musical genius behind a successful rock band. Neither can deny the growing attraction between them, but is it enough with all the demands on both of their lives to survive the test of time?


Michael stole my heart right away. His introspection certainly gave his character a lot of charm. I loved his whole family and how they related. I can’t say the same thing about Diane’s character. For a woman as successful as she was in all other areas of her life, she showed too much ambivalence where Michael was concerned to be believable. It made her character weak in my eyes and she obviously wasn’t. I especially liked the way she handled her teenaged daughters when it came to her dating life.

The premise of the story was interesting; with the female being the older in this May/ December romance and the conflicts and complications were realistic. I felt like too much of the story centered on the mundane in Diane’s life that could have been glossed over and still keep the integrity of the story intact. As a result, the story lagged. Adding Quinn, a man Diane thought she once loved, into the mix was a nice twist, which gave us some insight into another aspect of her dilemma. There were several peripheral characters because of the professions these two main characters were in. At times, it got difficult to keep track of them all and the frequent change of prospective confused me at times. However, I did enjoy this story.


This book contains adult language and situations that may be offensive to some.

Format/Typo Issues:

There are a small number of proofing issues and at least one copy editing error that I found in this book.

Rating: *** Three stars

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