Friday, April 20, 2018

Review: The Sapphire of Poseidon by Scott L. Collins

Genre: Middle Grade/Adventure/Epic Fantasy


“With the Emerald and Ruby now reunited with the Scepter of Harmony, the rebellious group of children intent on overthrowing the malevolent King Argyle must face a new challenge: recovering the Sapphire of Poseidon. In order for the full power of the Scepter to be restored, the jewel must be inserted back into the staff.

With Argyle now at war with Queen Kyrie, and his ships scouting the lake to locate her, as well as the realm of the Merfolk, the small band of insurgents must find a way to cross the Great Lake while avoiding not only Argyle's fleet, but the kraken he's released in an attempt to draw the Queen of the Lake into battle.

Time is running short as Argyle is sure to figure out their plans for bringing together all the pieces of the Scepter. Once he does, it'll be a race to recover the remaining gems, and if Argyle finds one first, the fight, and the kingdom, will be lost forever.”


“Scott Collins was born and raised in Southern California but relocated to the Denver area following the birth of the first of his two sons. Days' End was his debut novel but has since switched to Middle Grade Fantasy so he can share his writing with his young boys. In addition to writing, he enjoys spending his free time (with two kids that's not much time) running and cycling.”

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The Sapphire of Poseidon is packed with adventure, battles, and life transforming lessons. This small diverse band of rebels grow closer to each other than ever before, while their numbers increase as well. I think I can safely say they will all be friends for life.

Their quest is to restore the Scepter of Harmony to restore peace in the kingdom. At the beginning of this book the young rebels have recovered two gems for the scepter and are searching for the third. The last known location was the island of Lethe in the Great Lake. So the group has to figure out how to get a ship and sail it. Once the scepter is restored their goal is to overthrow the evil King Argyle and free his slave camps. Their biggest obstacle, by far, is that King Argyle is a sorcerer who conjures with spells.  

The storyline twists and turns as circumstances change and deadly risks are taken. I love the way that Daniel, the oldest, is their unassuming leader. No choice is made without consulting with the whole group before a decision is made, be it a path or an action taken. Except the one time when Daniel felt like he had to jump on an opportunity when it presented itself and in the process gained the questers some new allies. Daniel’s cool head helps him to keep focus where it belongs. At center stage through much of the novel is Aiden, Daniel’s younger brother, and his special abilities.

The Sapphire of Poseidon is jam-packed with adventure and all I can say about the ending is you better hold on tight! The tension runs high with drama when the kraken show up. Emotions and endurance are tested. Young teens will enjoy the action and adventure, while absorbing the best qualities from each character without realizing it. That’s what I enjoy most about reading quality novels with well identifiable characters. All ages will enjoy this addition to the Scepter series.

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The Sapphire of Poseidon is book four in the Scepter Series. The books are starting to build on each other. I would recommend starting with book one, Scepter.

Format/Typo Issues:

I found a small number of minor proofing errors. Such as missing words, wrong words, or an extra word.

Rating: **** Four Stars

Reviewed by: ?wazithinkin

Approximate word count: 70-75,000 words

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