Monday, May 31, 2021

Review: If I Can’t Eat Flies, What Am I? by Alicia J. Pfaff


Genre: Children’s Picture Book


“As a brave little frog looks for a way to fit in, will he discover that it’s okay to be different?

Tad is sad because he’s allergic to flies. Since everyone knows that’s what frogs eat, he’s sure he must be another kind of animal. So, the unhappy hopper heads out into the wide world to find out what he might be instead.

As he travels around the pond meeting a young duck, raccoon brothers, and a friendly cow, his efforts to find a place where he fits in just have him feeling even more like he stands out. Then, the frustrated little guy meets a magnificent medic bee who gives Tad all the information he needs to answer his question!

Will Tad realize he’s still a fabulous frog, no matter what he eats?

If I Can’t Eat Flies, What Am I? is a whimsical picture book designed to help youngsters understand and feel better about food allergies, suitable for ages 4-8. If you or your child like endearing characters, lighthearted learning, and clever rhymes, then you’ll love Alicia J. Pfaff’s charming tale.”


On her website Alicia Pfaff explains that she has a food allergy and that when her son had a bad experience related to a food allergy of his own, she went looking for a book to help him put his allergy into better perspective. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for she was inspired to write her own. This is her first book.

Although Alicia Pfaff hadn’t dreamed of writing a children’s book, her friend, artist Paula M. Zelienka, had dreamed of sometime illustrating a children’s book. When Alicia asked if she was interested she jumped at the chance.

For more visit her website.


A fun read with a message. For those kids who need the message, that it is okay to have a food allergy, this book should do the trick. Even for those without a food allergy, the lesson that it is okay to be different in other ways is just under the surface. I think most kids could benefit from that more subtle interpretation and even those who don’t need that will probably still find this to be a fun story. I read this with my 8-year-old granddaughter who I call LBG (little blonde girl). She loved the story of Tad and at the end when I asked her to pretend she was doing a grade for the book she didn’t hesitate in telling me that it got an A+. Since she’s the boss, I didn’t argue. My only negative, for any half-blind grandparents who might consider reading this to their grandkids, is that on a Kindle Fire the words were difficult to read, especially when I was trying to hold it in a position so that LBG could see the pictures. Slightly larger letters would have helped as would reading it on a bigger screen or from the paper version.

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Format/Typo Issues:

No significant issues.

Rating: ***** Five Stars

Reviewed by: BigAl

Approximate word count: 23 pages

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