Friday, November 30, 2018

Review: Julia’s Dilemma by Lyndsey Carter

Genre: Romance/Young Adult


“Julia is content with her no frills - no thrills life consisting of long, cubicled days as an accountant, and lonely nights spent watching her favorite soap opera, as she edges ever closer to her thirties.

Between constant self-comparisons with her married friends, a romantically traumatic past, endless bouts of self-deprecatory thoughts, and resentful exchanges with a domineering mother highly critical of her non-existent love life, she can't help but feel a tinge of apathy at the idea of romance...

Following a fateful accident, she crosses paths with Matt, a handsome, mysterious biker with biting sarcastic wit, and the irresistible charm of a serpentine tongue. There is an initial tingle of interest, but she fears a relationship with him might end in even more sunken depths of despair.

Can he prove to her that all men are not the same, as she learns to trust again? Will she open herself up to the possibility of a romance? Or is she just getting her hopes up as usual...”


I found no information on Lyndsey Carter aside from the fact she has one other book published on Amazon.


Julia is a mess. She’s not really happy with her job as an accountant, but finds consistency and logic in numbers. Her life is boring because she is afraid to put herself out there. She lives in her head criticizing herself and others. She has a best friend, but only calls her if she needs or wants something from her. I don’t think that is the way friends treat other. Julia’s Dilemma is supposed to be a romantic comedy, but I found very little funny about Julia or her situation.

One day on a rush to get home after work she steps into the path of a cyclist named Matt. The book’s description calls Matt a biker, which is misleading and a little less exciting. At any rate Matt seems like a great guy with a sarcastic wit. Julia seems to try to sabotage this budding relationship. I honestly felt like she needed to be on antidepressants. As the story moves forward I did become invested in Matt’s story, which is slowly doled out in bits and pieces. All along I felt like Julia’s dilemma was just her mental state. But NO; a bombshell drops at the end of this story with a-hell-of-a cliffhanger. Which is Julia’s true dilemma.
Have I mentioned I hate cliffhangers before?

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The book cover is also misleading. That killer hand of four aces has nothing to do with this story. The fairytale background in soft shades of blue partly cloudy sky with trees and kite? Well, I suppose Matt took Julia to the local park on a date.

Format/Typo Issues:

The only significant error I found was a mixing up of names at least once in this book.

Rating: ** Two Stars

Reviewed by: ?wazithinkin

Approximate word count: 30-35,000 words

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