Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Review: Incontinence Man by K.S. Brooks with Nicholas Forristal (illustrator/art effects)

Genre: Graphic Novel/Humor/Superhero/Parody 
“Real people turned into comic book drawings! An aging crime fighter who can’t control his intestines! A sexy nurse, a dangerous foe, and a loyal servant. Our hero must fight danger at every turn, and not a bathroom in sight!
Out on the big hill overlooking Gothingham, trouble brews in the bowels of Payne Manor. Luke Payne, a once-effective crime fighter, has become a recluse — a toilet never far away. His trusty servant, Alfreda, makes him an offer he can’t refuse: see a doctor about his incontinence issues, and she’ll fashion him a new crime-fighting suit out of stylish brown tones to, you know, conceal his shortcomings.
Will Luke go to the doctor? Will he be able to defeat a new arch-rival who’s come to town? Will he get his superpowers back? Did he actually ever have any superpowers? Why are we asking so many questions? Some of the answers may or may not be inside this spoof comic book, with images derived from real people in staged scenes.”
“K.S. Brooks has been writing for over thirty years. An award-winning author and photographer, she has written more than 20 titles, is currently the co-administrator for the superb blog Indies Unlimited and is founder of "Authors for Hurricane Sandy Library Recovery" and the "Liberty Library" for soldiers and veterans.” Learn more about her at her website.
“Nicholas Forristal has a B.S. in Psychology (aka a B.S. in BS). With his "free" time, he regularly dislikes house work, remodeling his home, and a sordid list of other lousy tasks. When no one is looking, Nicholas works on The Chronicles of M, an ever growing series of fantasy books that range from Historical fiction, to modern day wackiness. He's published some other stuff in the past. For example, a psychological paper on perception, but no one cares about such things. That's for nerds.” Learn more about him at his blog.
This is the first graphic novel I have ever read for a review. I was embarrassed for Luke Payne; however, I snorted and laughed so hard I peed a little all while reading this spoof of a superhero suffering from a bout of incontinence. Sure he could have worn Depends, but one doesn’t connect those dots unless you are an elderly person. I remember when I was once taking a certain medication that caused sudden bouts of explosive diarrhea and I never thought about using adult diapers. (I wish I had and so do the people I was with!) Incontinence is a real problem people! Someone has to talk about it and I am glad Ms. Brooks is brave enough to tackle the subject with this fun parody on a superhero. 
I have to wonder how often Mr. Forristal lost control of his sphincter while illustrating and adding art effects to this pile of sh… words, words! Words is the word I was looking for here. Honest! The fact that Ms. Brook’s own photos were used and artistically manipulated by Mr. Forristal was creative brilliance. 
At any rate, everyone needs a copy of this short graphic novel in their throne room. Who doesn’t keep reading material in there? You will find common sense, as well as the beginning of a romance, misunderstandings, a revengeful nurse, inconsiderate men, and some super powerful toilet paper. All while reclusive Luke Payne strives to make the world a nicer place, despite not having access to clean public restrooms. 
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Expect lots of toilet humor. 
Format/Typo Issues:
I ran across no issues and I was able to read this on my Kindle Paperwhite; however, the pictures were gray tones. Reading the book on my computer offered a more colorful and more enjoyable experience. A color eReader, although not necessary, is recommended.
Rating: **** Four stars
Reviewed by: ?wazithinkin

Approximate page count: 26 pages


A Voracious Reader said...

I love graphic novels! How did I miss this one?! LOL

K.S. Brooks said...

Thank you very much for the wonderful review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

?wazithinkin said...

Thanks for dropping in, AVR. I just recently bought myself a Kindle Fire, I have resisted for ages because I like reading on my Kindle Paperwhite. I may now have to check out more graphic novels. :D

?wazithinkin said...

You are welcome, Ms. Brooks. Thanks for dropping in and commenting. :)