Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cursed Beauty: A Fairy Retelling / Dorian Tsukioka

Reviewed by: Michael Thal

Genre: Fairy Tale/Fantasy

Approximate word count: 20-25,000 words
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Dorian Tsukioka is a fifth grade teacher and mother. Still seventeen at heart, Tsukioka loves to write YA especially science fiction, romance, and of course fairy tale retellings. Her goal as a writer is to write stories that entertain and inspire. Her current project is a mash-up retelling of Rumpelstilskin and Snow White set in ancient Egypt.


Adelaide had just lost her father to a tragic accident. The only family she had left was a heartless stepmother and stepsister. With her dad’s protection gone, Adelaide was demoted to house servant: cooking meals, scrubbing floors, and making beds.


Sound familiar? Cursed Beauty is not your typical Cinderella story and Adelaide is no Cinderella. She’s smart, creative, with beauty that radiates within her soul and a birthmark splayed across her face, neck, and shoulder.

And don’t expect a kind fairy godmother, either. The magic in this story is conjured by a horrid old witch who’s more like a vampire than a loving grandma.

Cursed Beauty is a unique retelling of Cinderella that is fast paced, has engaging characters, and surprising plot twists that will keep readers guessing from start to finish.

Whether you’re 15 or 95, all YA fiction lovers will enjoy Dorian Tsukiioka’s unique take on the beloved fairytale, Cinderella.

Rating: **** Four Stars

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