Monday, January 11, 2016

A Challenge

We all like a challenge, don't we? As the new year begins, whether you're a resolution making person or not, it is often a time to take stock of where we are and where we'd like to go. If you explore the interwebs you'll find several reading “challenges.” Goodreads has one that is popular, asking you to set a goal to read X books in 2015 with you picking a value for X. There are several others.

I've got one I'm going to recommend. The Indies Unlimited 2016 ReadingChallenge. Why? Beyond the obvious reasons (that I'm pimping for IU) I like this challenge because it challenges the reader to expand what they read. If you accept and complete this challenge, odds are good that you'll expand the books you're willing to try just a touch. Not enough to take you too far out of your comfort zone, but enough to stretch that zone. Having done that myself since starting Books and Pals, I've discovered that books I'd have not given a second glance before due to genre are now among my favorites. It's been a positive in many ways including the obvious cliche about spice and variety. Yet it shouldn't stretch you too far. For example, Keith Nixon could complete the challenge without reading even one book in the romance genre. (No one thinks that would be a good idea except ?wazithinkin.)

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Unknown said...

I do want to read more than I have been doing. So....