Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Recently at The IndieView

The most recent interviews at The IndieView starting with a refresher on the different kinds of interviews. 

The IndieView

This is an interview with a standard set of open ended questions. While they focus on a specific book, they also delve into the author's history as a writer and the path they took in becoming an indie author.

The BookView

This is a shorter interview format for authors who have already done an IndieView which focuses just on their most recent book.

Reviewer IndieView

These are interviews with reviewers who have their own review blog that delve into their approach to reviewing. A great way to find other book blogs you might like to follow. (For authors, there is also an extensive database of indie friendly review sites you might like to check out.)

Allirea's Realm

By invitation only, these are quirky, often irreverent interviews done by longtime Books and Pals follower, Allirea.

(Authors and reviewers interested in doing an IndieView should visit this page for details.)

Reviewer IndieView with Diamante Lavendar

It is seductive to a writer to pump the story out and have it received by the public. But it is extremely important to take the extra time to set the book aside and come back later to re-assess the manuscript before publication.

BookView with Rusty Blackwood, author of Willow’s Walk

When all is said and done, I look at this novel and smile, for I truly am proud of what it has become, and the riveting story it tells.

IndieView with Sarah Anne Shockley, author of The Pain Companion

I write from a very genuine place, and my writing is about things that I have experienced on a deep level for myself. I am less interested in whatever the next hot topic is, and more interested in what is showing up in my life right now, and how it might be useful to others.

IndieView with Marian Thorpe, author of Empire’s Daughter

I spent about nine months re-submitting to agents and other presses, but after several versions of the same rejection letter – basically they all said “Beautifully written, not commercial enough”, I chose to self-publish.

Reviewer IndieView with Amy Shannon of Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews

Reading doesn’t just provide the reader information, but the stories take the reader on a journey. I don’t think it’s a dying pastime, but the formats of reading (from paperback to digital) may change.

IndieView with LC Coyle, author of The Drakon

I remember reading so many YA novels and thinking, “What a goody-two-shoes! No way that would happen!” … This book is for all the girls who are tired of thinking there’s something ‘wrong’ with them because they don’t have the pure-as-driven-snow outlook that female YA heroines today so often seem to share.

Reviewer IndieView with Charity Martinez of 5 Girls Book Reviews

I used to work in my girls’ school when they were in public school and most kids didn’t even read, parents didn’t make them read and some kids were in 5th grade and didn’t even know how to read!

IndieView with Derek Warmington, author of The Sun That Shines & The Storm That Will Always Pass

I’ve been writing for a long time, and I don’t think I could ever write about completely fictitious characters …

BookView with Lauri Boris, author of A Sudden Gust of Gravity

I really enjoyed inviting him into this story and letting him tell his side of things, and he was one of the most forthcoming characters I’ve ever worked with. And adorable. If only he weren’t so fictional and I wasn’t old enough to be his…well, youthful aunt.

IndieView with Denise L. Jenne, author of Annalise’s Up and Down Day

They are absolutely real people — not even borrowed from real world people. My characters are my great niece and her parents — although, if you were to ask Annalise, she might disagree.

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