Friday, April 29, 2016

Review: Buried But Not Gone by Juli Monroe @1to1Discovery

Genre: Fantasy/Thriller

Denise Evans life has been hectic with an abusive husband and trying to protect her son. When her husband is killed, she thinks she can move on, but soon Denise learns that it’s not that easy to get rid of him. A local warlock and professor, Jim Novick, helps Denise with the evil spirit while risking his own life.

Juli Monroe authored The Warlock Files, an urban fantasy series located in the DC Metro area. Beyond being a writer, Juli is also a networking and social media coach. Learn more about Ms. Monroe’s writing or other services check out her website.

If you have read any of Juli Monroe’s books from The Warlock Files, a few surprise guests show up that will pleasantly surprise you. But make no mistake, this is not a book about Dafydd and Paul. Juli has created new characters with big problems in the same universe – which is something I absolutely love.
Buried But Not Gone features a warlock that has special powers, but is also disabled. While his disability can hinder him at times, it doesn’t get in the way of doing what needs to be done to help Denise.

The characters are very different than those in Monroe’s The Warlock Files series, so it’s good to have a change of pace. It’s darker than her previous books, yet the characters are just as interesting and layered as they fight against Denise’s husband who has come back from the dead.

Beyond the characters, Monroe is careful with the mythology. These details are very important and add to the authenticity of the writing.

I found the warlock Jim Novick very compelling and I wanted to learn more about him. Buried But Not Gone was an enjoyable read and I hope Monroe continues with this as another series.

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While the book contains characters from Monroe’s previous series, it’s not necessary to read them.

Format/Typo Issues:
No significant issues.

Approximate word count: 81-86,000 words

Rating: **** Four stars

Reviewed by: Sooz

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