Saturday, February 6, 2016

Review: The Rick&Jerry Series: Collected Edition by Karl Five

Genre: Erotic Romance/LGBTQ/Adventure


It seemed that nothing was going to go right for me that day. I had finally made up my mind to end it all and jump off the Neuse River Bridge.

Then I picked up a hitchhiker and the world changed.

So begins the story of Rick&Jerry. I hope you’ll decide to follow along with them as they pull their lives together, face their fears and failures, and search for their dreams.”


From Karl Five’s Amazon author page: “The single most important thing about me is that I'm a writer. Oh sure, I've done a lot of other things during my life, but none of those things mean as much to me as this does… I worked in healthcare for much of my life, but I'm now retired, so I spend most of my spare time writing. I live in the Sunny South, not too far from the hurricane-ridden shores of North Carolina, along with my partner, my cat, and a longtime friend.”


I was a little hesitant choosing this book for review, but I have reviewed erotic romance stories before. So I put my big girl panties on to give it shot. The story is written in present tense from Jerry’s point of view. I didn’t have any trouble engaging with his character. An almost 40 year-old Radiology and CT tech, gay, and out of a job. He has decided to end his life. He has it all planned out, jump off the Neuse River Bridge at sunset. “Very dramatic to leap off a bridge into the flaming colors reflected in the water by the dying light of the western sky…” Then his car dies instead when he is on the way to meet his destiny.

Rick, a retired Marine, happens by with his whole life in his backpack, with no particular destination in mind, and gets Jerry’s car started. As a thank you Jerry offers Rick a ride. This is their story as they get to know each other and we learn more about their pasts. It’s an engrossing journey as these two broken souls do what they can to save each other. Their relationship evolves like any other romance and at times they are both typical men, which made me laugh. Both men are willing to go out of their comfort zones for each other. There is plenty of graphic sex to spice things up as well as adventure, and emotional turmoil.

I appreciated having all five of the books in one edition, as it does bring Rick and Jerry’s journey to a satisfying close. However, it is not over by any means, but both men are in a healthier mental state than when they met.

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This is a collection of all five of the Rick&Jerry ebooks. Contains graphic sex which includes MM and MMF, as well as adult language.

Format/Typo Issues:

No issues with proofing.

Rating: **** Four Stars

Reviewed by: ?wazithinkin

Approximate word count: 70-75,000 words

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