Thursday, July 23, 2015

Knightswrath / Michael Meyerhofer

Reviewed by: Sooz

Genre: Epic fantasy

Approximate word count: 125-130,000 words

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Along with enjoying fantasy novels, Michael Meyerhofer also writes poems. Before publishing his first novel, he published a series of poetry books. For more information on Meyerhofer, please visit his website.


Rowen Locke continues his journey in the fight against evil, which is getting closer and closer to collapsing the world around him. However, he has a legendary sword and his companions willing to help him on his journey even as the land is torn apart around him.


Rowen Locke has become a Knight of the Crane and has obtained the legendary sword of Fayu Jinn, but his journey is nowhere near complete. Locke and his company continue their fight against evil, even if those around them are slow to or do not accept his help. But what keeps Locke going is his ability to do what’s right even when facing grave danger.

Meyerhofer continues with his superb writing and keeping with the epic fantasy genre. Every twist, every meeting has implications of something bigger and greater to come. That’s what kept the book entertaining and had me reading vigorously until the end.

Knightswrath answers some questions about the greater story, but also adds more mystery, more villains and deeper roadblocks. However, don’t look at that as a bad thing. The more reveals allow the reader to dig deeper in Meyerhofer’s world while still enjoying surprises on the next page.

One thing that makes Knightswrath and the series special is that the characters aren’t perfect. In fact, they are flawed, make mistakes, and have to rely on others around them to bring them back. This is a journey that can’t be done alone as much as Rowen Locke would probably like to keep everyone else away from danger and as he runs in with his sword lofted above his head.

It was a wonderful book that lends itself to this genre well.


This is the second book in the The Dragonkin Trilogy and does not work as a standalone book.

Rating: ***** 5 stars


Michael Meyerhofer said...

Just wanted to say thanks very much for taking the time to read and review the book! I'm very glad that you enjoyed it. Oh, also, I have the final book in the trilogy "done," we're just proofreading it now. Thanks again!

A Voracious Reader said...

I loved it, too! :) Looking forward to Book 3.