Friday, December 2, 2016

Review: A Beautiful Stranger by Donna Fasano

Genre: Romance


When Sean Hudson arrives to claim his new daughter, he discovers the adoption hinges on the impossible. Unless he finds a wife immediately, the tiny orphan will be snatched away from him forever. But before Sean can abandon hope, a beautiful stranger proposes a surprising solution — marriage.

Sean swears the love in his heart is only for his soon-to-be daughter. And that is perfect for Nicki Willis, whose restless spirit yearns to have a family for just a while. But the tenderness of Sean’s touch soothes Nicki’s fears as well as little Sona’s. Now Nicki aches to become a family forever… and she refuses to believe she can’t make this dream come true.”


Donna Fasano is a three time winner of the HOLT Medallion, a CataRomance Reviewers Choice Award winner for Best Single Title, a Desert Rose Golden Quill Award finalist, and a Golden Heart finalist. Her books have sold over 3.6 million copies worldwide and have been published in nearly two dozen languages.”

Her novels have also made the Kindle Top 100 Paid List numerous times. To learn more please check out her website and Facebook page.


I am always amazed at Ms. Fasano’s deep understanding of emotions involved in developing relationships. It didn’t take long for me to be drawn into both Sean Hudson’s and Nicki Willis’ dilemma. Both characters were hampered by past events neither could get past.

Baby Sona’s, an orphaned infant in war-torn Kyrcznovia, wellbeing is the driving force that brings Sean and Nicki together. Without Nicki, Sean can’t adopt Sona and Nicki happens to be in need of immediate employment so she offers her services to Sean. This seems like a good plan, however neither considered the emotional toll this might take on both of them.

This plot is well paced and realistic. The chemistry between Sean and Nicki is smoldering, a fire neither one of them allows to take flame. I felt for both, not knowing the past that led them to their decisions to stay apart. Their journey is heart-wrenching as they must face the past that has brought them to this point in their lives. Ms. Fasano has a way of exposing the human condition of relationships like no other romance author I have ever read. She is able to rip open emotional scars and apply a soothing salve that brings forth healing.

A Beautiful Stranger is a captivating story that will grab your heart. Baby Sona is perfectly captured as a loving eighteen-month old. Babies are amazing at that age as they learn and explore their world. Sean’s experiences as a new father are priceless and perfectly captured. Nicki is able to offer a wise influence in both of their lives. Sean and Nicki’s rapport will heat your loins while managing to remain in the clean wholesome genre. I like my romances with a bit of spice, however Ms. Fasano managed to not disappoint me with her wordsmith magic. Well done, ma’am.

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Rating: ***** Five Stars

Reviewed by: ?wazithinkin

Approximate word count: 40-45,000 words


Donna Fasano said...

Thank you for reviewing A Beautiful Stranger. Your praise brings tears to this writer's eyes. I'm not joking. Real. Wet. Tears. Every author wants to stir the reader in some way--shake up the emotions, touch the heart. It makes me so happy to know you enjoyed my book!

?wazithinkin said...

Thanks for dropping in and commenting, Ms. Fasano. You certainly managed to stir my emotions with this book.

Traci said...

Great review--sounds like a wonderful story, Donna!

?wazithinkin said...

Traci, thanks for dropping in and commenting.