Sunday, August 2, 2015

Larry Potty's Animal Rhymes / Larry Potty

Reviewed by: BigAl with The Princess

Genre: Children's Picture Book

Approximate word count: 16 illustrated pages.

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Larry Potty is the pen name used by Scotsman David J. Mackay who writes humorous children's poetry.


An illustrated book for children with humorous rhymes about various animals.


It has been awhile since I've drafted The Princess, my twelve year-old granddaughter, to assist me with a book review. I thought we were overdue, so I grabbed her and asked her to roundup her two younger sisters who are two and six. Then The Princess and I took turns reading to her siblings.

The book description suggests the appropriate age range for this book as between 4 and 7. Based on the reaction of the two year-old (who wouldn't sit still on the couch for even the short amount of time to read this book) as well as the six year-old (who ate up every word, despite also not being the type to sit still), this age range seems right. The six-year old enjoyed the story and hearing about the animals, although she told me one section (Creepy Crawlies) was kind of … well … creepy, as you might expect.

The Princess and I were in agreement that the humor and rhyming along with the illustrations made this a good choice for the target age with the tip-top of the range being capable of reading it themselves. For the younger part of the range, older siblings, parents, and even grandparents will have a fun time reading it to them. We both did.


Although the author is from the UK, he made a point of limiting himself to only using words that are spelled the same in both the US and the UK. While there are some word choices and turns of phrase that still would have clued me in that the author was from the UK, I don't think anyone would have difficulty understanding.

Format/Typo Issues:

No issues.

Rating: **** Four Stars

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