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The most recent interviews at The IndieView starting with a refresher on the different kinds of interviews. 

The IndieView

This is an interview with a standard set of open ended questions. While they focus on a specific book, they also delve into the author's history as a writer and the path they took in becoming an indie author.

The BookView

This is a shorter interview format for authors who have already done an IndieView which focuses just on their most recent book.

Reviewer IndieView

These are interviews with reviewers who have their own review blog that delve into their approach to reviewing. A great way to find other book blogs you might like to follow. (For authors, there is also an extensive database of indie friendly review sites you might like to check out.)

Allirea's Realm

By invitation only, these are quirky, often irreverent interviews done by longtime Books and Pals follower, Allirea.

(Authors and reviewers interested in doing an IndieView should visit this page for details.)

Reviewer IndieView with Aly of Reading Shy with Aly

I think reading gives people an escape from their ordinary lives. Nobody is perfectly happy all the time and reading gives people the chance to choose how they want things to go. If they want a happy ending then they know that they can find it in a book.

IndieView with Kayne Milhomme, author of Grace & Disgrace

Stolen in 1896 from St. Peter’s Cathedral in Belfast, the Templar Diamond has been missing for six years, with the suspects still at large. Now there is hope of its discovery in Boston, if the cryptic invitation can be believed. But is it a ruse?

IndieView with Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins, authors of Foul is Fair

Megan had known for a long time that she wasn’t an entirely typical girl. But living with ADHD—and her mother’s obsessions—was a very different thing from finding out she wasn’t entirely human. Somewhere out there, in a completely different world, her father needs help.

Reviewer IndieView with RaeleighReads

For me, book reviews are like a time capsule, capturing a tiny picture of who I am as a person. There is nothing more personal than sharing your thoughts on a piece of literature with the entire world.

IndieView with Andrew Hanson, authors of Greenies

My own concerns over the long-term impacts of climate change on humanity and wildlife formed much of the motivation for writing the book.

IndieView with Malcolm Campbell, authors of Conjure Woman’s Cat

My family moved from Oregon to Florida just in time for me to start the first grade. I was too young, I think, to suddenly become a fish out of water suddenly tasked with understanding the place of Negroes in my new world, the Jim Crow era of separate restrooms and water fountains, why my birth outside the South got me dismissively labeled as a Yankee and a “Nigger Lover” before I had a clue why everyone was at odds with each other, and how and why a gang of thugs called the Klan was so entangled with the powers that be that it was too pervasive a cancer to remove.

IndieView with Michael J. Brooks, author of Exodus Conflict

Due to war, environmental mistreatment, and the overuse of natural resources, Earth was brought to the brink of catastrophe. In order to preserve human civilization, nations put aside their animosity and worked together to find a new home world within the Milky Way Galaxy. It appeared to be the perfect planet to call Second Earth, and humanity thought this new world would be all for their taking; however, a race of people known as the Zull also needed this planet for their salvation.

BookView with Manheim Wagner, author of What a Day for a Night

The story is mostly based on a day that I spent in Paris with a friend. I added a twist to the ending that didn’t happen in real life. But for the most part, everything in the book happened.

IndieView with Jill Meniketti, author of Welcome to Groove House

In 2003, things finally turned around and hard rock music had suddenly ripened into “classic rock.” As my guys returned to touring in 2003, seeing them up there, back on the big stages again playing arenas, the idea hit me to explore the twilight years of aging rock stars.

IndieView with Lisa W. Tetting, author of The Mistreatment of Zora Langston

For this particular book, I would like to target anyone who has suffered at the hand of an abuser and survived, or is trying to heal. I believe Zora can help with that.

IndieView with S.K. Kalsi, author of The Stove-Junker

The Stove-Junker is a novel about identity, memory, time, and loss; but it is much more. A reverie, an elegy, an existential ghost tale, a story of misguided passions, arson, family, religion, perhaps a philosophical investigation into meaning and love and language. It is an exploration of what makes us human, an investigation of our priorities and values.

IndieView with Brian Bandell, author of Famous After Death

So many people are posting stupid things online that they shouldn’t, like fights, self nudity, drugs, and violence. Even murderers are sharing photos of their victims. In my story three Miami teenagers want to film a prank to go viral, but a cop gets killed.

IndieView with Tom Conrad, author of That Semicolon Bitch had to Die

Well some reviewers on Amazon seem to think "That Semicolon Bitch had to Die" is autobiographical, which I take as a tremendous compliment. Part of writing fiction is convincing the reader your story is plausible, and so I take their comments as confirmation they found my fiction believable (the central premise, and much of the plot, is wholly invented and fictional, though).

IndieView with Bonny Capps, author of Deliverance for Amelia

I’m a big fan of erotica. I began riding along with my husband (he’s a truck driver), and I discovered the world of dark-erotica. I noticed a trend amongst these books where the heroine often falls in love with her captor, regardless of what was done to her while in captivity. One day I decided to give it a shot, but I wanted to make sure that the story didn’t have the cliché “happily ever after” attached to it.

IndieView with Eric Henderson, author of Stranded in Sunshine

I saw an article online with pictures of abandoned shopping malls, and I said, “Oh man, that’s so cool, I wanna live there.” Then I thought about it “No, I don’t really want to live there, why did I say that? But wait, what would be cool about that? What would it really be like?”

Indieview with Kimberley Gold, author of Dating Games

I worked as a Personal Assistant in various investment banks in London and used to go out to bars and nightclubs quite often with other PA’s who were also single at the time. I watched the games involved in modern dating and how the search for Mr Right quite often went very wrong, and this gave me the idea for "Dating Games."

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